Webinar Recap: MMHIN Website and Dragon's Den Talkthrough

Posted By Charnett Chau | Mon 16th, May 2022, 09:29:02 AM

On 10th May 2022, we held a webinar launching this MMHIN Virtual Hub Platform and the Dragon's Den competition. Watch the video if you have missed it!

Webinar Highlights: 

- Our Network leads, Rita Pinho and Mark Miodownik, welcomed everyone to the webinar. 

- Mark gave an overview of how MMHIN was conceived and the aim of the Network, while Rita gave insights into how it has grown to over 60 Partners and is continuing to grow. 

- Rita gave a live demonstration of how the website work, particularly on how Partners can post Challenges - i.e. healthcare problems or project ideas requiring collaboration/exchange of ideas, to notify relevant Partners to help and form partnerships. 

- Charnett talked through the Dragon's Den competition, you can read the specific post about it here. The deadline for the competition is 29th May - please submit a proposal for a chance to obtain a £5,000 prize to support preliminary research. 



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